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Hand-me-down world

April 15, 2009

In the world of the Yeti, Santa Claus is the friendly neighbor human who brings the word from the race of humans who are being naughty and destroying the earth. Santa stopped bringing them gifts, or even coal, every year almost a century ago now, but the clever humans found their way around Santa’s little naughty list. They dressed each other up like him and deluded themselves that they deserved all the gifts they gave each other.


The parents are complicit in their deception of their own children. They have to be. They must attempt to avoid the wrath of their offspring if they ever figure out what greed and unfettered consumerism have done to the planet that the children are to inherit. In the world of hand-me-down presents, the next generation of humans are receiving the most tattered gift imaginable: a world soon to be uninhabitable. Thanks mom, thanks dad.


Is it any wonder that the humans fear teaching evolution and science in schools? Is it any wonder that the adults repeatedly opt to fund wars and their reconstructions over education and health care for the children? If the children were to be educated, they might start to think for themselves, and if they did that, they might realize who their real enemy is. One can only imagine the revolution that will occur once the youth of the world unite in an effort to stop the continued destruction of the environment.


This is a question of survival. Not ethics. There will be some humans with so much wealth, so much capital, that they will be able to afford to run away to a space station or a lunar-based bio-sphere. The rest of life as we know it will perish here on earth. Will they suffer from survivor guilt?


The sad thing is that, with the technology available today, even if humans were to cease all their polluting and energy consuming ways, the earth would continue to suffer from global climate change for the foreseeable future. Maybe it would take the environment 100, or 500, or even a few thousand years to move beyond the damage that has been caused by human activity. The A-bomb and H-bomb may not be the means to the end, but they certainly foreshadow the destruction that is eminent.


The Yeti peers out to the horizon, squinting against the fading light and alpenglow. The race of dumb hairless apes are finally realizing their folly. Their intuition proceeds before their logical split-hemisphere brains; warring factions of hope and despair, planning and reminiscing. In the hormones of youth lie the power to overcome. Revolution will only come by massive bloodshed. It will be the young finding a way to destroy the older generations and their treasured hypocrisies. Santa Claus will finally deliver a present worth opening.