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There is an awful lot of “green” going around today. There is green marketing, green washing, even green tweeters wearing tint on their avatars to show support for the Iranian protesters. Green means change. Green means hope. But we have reached a green saturation point. Hungry for quality green ideas, everyone is spray-painting their old ideas as some combination of yellow + blue = green. We are so bombarded by the color that we can’t see the forest for all the trees, or if you will, the green for all the leaves.
Inside the leaves of a tree, green is the color of transformation. Taking photons of light and carbon-dioxide from the air, the green photosynthetic process makes carbon which the plant can then use to build itself and reproduce. As a by-product oxygen is realeased back into the air. When we talk about sustainability, we often speak of lessening the damage we do to the environment as we go about our business. Truly green practices, however, do more than refrain from damaging the environment, they actually improve it. Like the plants that clean our over-polluted air for us, green blogging and social networking can clean up the harmful social atmosphere that has produced a culture and economy based on waste.  They are the main tools by which a new culture can emerge that mimics, in a human way, the incredible process of photosynthesis. Human energy goes into a “product” that is not only sustainable, but truly life-affirming. And the by-product, or the “waste” product from all this green-blogging and social-networking? Pure and clean hope that people can actually use to make small changes in their lives.
What is truly exciting about green networking is the snowball effect it can have. Once an idea is given a good start, it rolls downhill gaining size and momentum until it is unstoppable. By multiplying small changes in the way one person lives by thousands and thousands of people, in an outward spreading network of ideas and information, we clean the atmosphere of our culture just like the green leaves of a tree clean the air.


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